Saturday, July 19, 2008

quick update of service and some random stuff coz it's 12:35am and i'm tired!

yeah don't expect any lengthy essays here because my eyes are gonna close.

much thanks to wayne for doing icebreakers and for being so enthusiastic in serving God!! really awesome, how ideas can just come when you have joy in serving!!!! wayne obviously got some ideas and inspirations from God!!

btw. i saw joel JUMPED during p&w. you know usually he'll just stand there, cross his arms and maybe sulk a lil'. but he JUMPED. maybe he didn't wanna praise God coz it's too cramped. oh, speaking of cramped, wayne, carlos, joel and i had p&w behind everyone else! OH AND CARLOS CAME AS WELL! and we all really miss him loads!!!

oh btw! wayne and i kinda prepared for the worst that maybe 6 people may come for icebreakers. but so turns out that 10 came. woohoo!!!!

OH YEAH. God kinda answered yousheng's prayer. his class size is now 8. EIGHT. E-I-G-H-T. seriously. class can really be depressing with only two students attending, especially if you're the teacher. but anyways[yousheng's catchphrase], God increased numbers! like now, we have 3 people from Godchasers[with our O's graduate jzreel back] and 3 other people from Fervour[i think they're from Fervour. should be same cell as yousheng!]. and interestingly, they're all from China. amazing eh!!!

oh and sermon was really powerful!!! hahahaha i kinda expected Ps Song or someone else to preach but it turns out to be BRUDDER RX!!!!! i really like brudder RX a lot coz he's really funny. and so is his sermon!!! lol!!!!! but it was godly sermon. and on a serious note, it's telling all of us to live by character. which many of us, including yours truly, are lacking at times. and yours truly haven't been living with integrity. if i did, i wouldn't be making fun of my classmates, wouldn't have intentionally shoved[but i failed to] someone during a basketball match, wouldn't have done by homework during English lessons, wouldn't have judged and blah blah. but God is good!!!! God makes a way!!!! and God gives all of us chances!! God washes our sin away into His sea of forgetfulness!!! gone, period!!!!!

and we had praise and worship. few days back, God spoke to me and hinted to me to praise God by serving as guitarist this week. i've improved slightly by God's grace and mercy and haven't been serving as guitarist for a long time, i shall do so!! so i smsed cheryl asking if i can serve and she said "alright!" and she was really cheery about it. and i asked jianle to be the p&w leader!! btw. i really thank God for jianle coz he serves even when he's busy. he's got really good spirit to serve. so we practised.. and p&w was alright i guess!!!! but God used the whole p&w as an opportunity for His presence!!! and many of us whom are tired, weak, burnt out, stressed, discouraged are all strengthened because we were praying for one another and it's just so awesome!!!! up till now, i can still rmb lora's God's-presence-v-strong post and yeaaaahhhh!!!!! God's really awesome!!!! btw, there's this "mini trench" on my pinkie. looks cool!!! but i really enjoy the serving process because jianle's really accomodating to my mistakes[alot of them la, actually]!!

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