Saturday, July 12, 2008

heh, speakin' eternal!

God is truly fair and faithful.

i really enjoyed Nubian Gents and Feminine Fire yesterday!!! really REALLY AWESOME. like all their dance moves are just so cool[those in redbands are like so.. elastic? hahahahhaa but they v pro!]!!! and the sermon and altar call[if you call that one] was really apt, very timely. sometimes life and the devil can just hit you hard in the face and you end up feeling so lonely and frustrated but God is "truly fair and faithful."

and we had potluck at brenbren's house!!and i KNEW that brendan's house=swimming so i BROUGHT MY TRUNKS!!!! YEAAAHHHH!!! no scuba diving suits plx. HAHHAHA!!! eh but it's so difficult. i think i'm really lousy at swimming. brendan can swim like some fish[do you get my point?]. seriously! i tried to aqua jog and i thought i can overtake him and i did for a few seconds before he flew past me!!!!

btw. yuhong's mango pudding is..^$%(&)%^)(*&^_(*^%^&#$%^# reallt good. HAHAHAHA!!! NO JOKE!!!

i had great time with my cell. thank You God for this day!!!!

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