Sunday, July 27, 2008

another day in cafe!!

He saw heaven opened and something like a large sheet being let down to earth by its four corners. 12It contained all kinds of four-footed animals, as well as reptiles of the earth and birds of the air. 13Then a voice told him, "Get up, Peter. Kill and eat."
"Surely not, Lord!" Peter replied. "I have never eaten anything impure or unclean."
The voice spoke to him a second time, "Do not call anything impure that God has made clean." taken from Acts 10

so, who am i to judge? and who are all of us to judge who's unclean and who's not? hahaha!!! i remember this song from Casting Crowns called "Love her Like Jesus does." i really like the title a lot and the music does sounds nice!!! :D :D :D :D


anyway I DID CAFE AGAIN!!!! WOOHOO!!!! really awesome. but i really gotta thank God for my maid who woke me up(which means she woke up earlier than me) at 5:45 AM!!!! woah my maid super power one!!!! tell me la, which maid living on this island can wake up their owner's son at 5:45AM!!! hahahaha!!! and i must say, i really enjoyed myself!!! and it really proves how single-minded i am coz i cannot multi-task, doing laksa/spaghetti/tagger/fryer/milo for that few moments!!! but God's really good by letting me serve today! like i got to know more people now!!! AND I WENT FOR BIBLE STUDY too!!!! (special thanks to sister pingfen for giving permission!!) i entered 30minutes late but i still enjoyed myself!!! (and i got to know more about dingo dogs. DAWGS!!!) so after that, we trot down to macs before deciding to study at buddy hoagies instead. (when i said we, i meant rachel teo and natnat) k la we studied but we talked a lot also. natnat's stories never fail to make me laugh! so after that, nat nat and i took bus 67 home. it wasn't bad coz my motion sickness didn't strike me during that time. okay initially a bit, HAHA!!! but still, i had real and good fellowship with natnat. i haven't had a good convo with someone for quite some time. it's just awesome when 2 people start sharing their thoughts and feelings because it's personal and yet there ain't much boundaries.

btw, i couldn't finish my dinner at home. plain rice and brocolli ain't very appetizing. i think it's the green tea that upsetted my stomach. ah!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

love love!!!

i'm feeling really random so i wanna write some things about myself so that you guys can know me more!!

1) so far, i think i have snapped 4 guitar strings. i think one belong to lester's guitar, one belonging to serena's guitar, one belonging to kenneth's guitar and.. my mum's ancient guitar.
2) i really enjoy pacing my house and counting the number of steps leading to the end. beats studying anyway!
3) i really like to put my leg on the table while i'm sitting down.
4) if i have flu in the middle of the night, my bolster or blanket becomes my tissue
5) i don't remember myself breaking any of my bones before. note, i said "don't remember."
6) i don't brush my teeth when i was young and sometimes up till now, i don't, occasionally.
7) i have no idea whether i'm more active at night or day.
8) i loved playing digivices when i was small. loved it!!!
9) i'm really a klutz. very VERY clumsy.
10) i'm also VERY disorganised. i am NOT exaggerating!!!
11) i always lose my stationery. always.
12) my previous handphone got confiscated twice in a row within a time span of 1 week.
13) i got bitten by a dog on my butt when i was 8. i remember the plasters. if you call them plasters.
14) i had a crush on this malay girl when i was 7 years old.
15) i liked listening to oldies last time by artistes, eg. bread, chicago and beatles
16) and then i proceeded on to heavy metal and emo music, eg. hawthorne heights and a7x
17) i like people piggy-back-ing me!!
18) i like doing science because it assuages stress for me.
19) i don't carry plastic bags with me when i bring my dog to poo last time
20) and in the end, there was this man who kinda blew his top even though my dog was just peeing and after that incident, i try to make it a point to bring plastic bags
21) one of my school blouse had marker lines drawn by my teacher because i tucked out my shirt. i don't mind showing it to people!
22) my first movie trip with someone that ain't family was when i was 14.
23) i joined drama club as a cca when i was in primary school for 2[not consecutive] years.
24) i wanted to join scouts when i was pri6 but my mum didn't want me to.
25) my first experiment with steak was.. last year if i ain't wrong. or was it the year before? or this year? aiya somewhere in between this 3 years!
26) i don't mind playing serenading other people provided that they don't call the cops.
27) i doubt i'll mind bUsking as well(see cheryl, bUsker not BASKER! HAHA!).
28) i think i prefer trunks than briefs as a swimming costume. same sentiments, anyone?
30) my wallet is i think.. a year and a half years old. or most probbie older.
31) my handphone ear piece is spoilt so i have to hear i from the speaker.
32) and i only started hanging out with friends when i was 15.
33) i only have 2 outdoor camps in my whole life, with the second being the most disastrous.
34) i liked chatting with internet friends. and meeting them up!

okay i can't think of anything else. hahahaha!!! :DDDD TMR'S GODAY. GOD-DAY. YEAAAAHH!!!!!! :D :D

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

God in Evan Almighty: if someone were to pray for courage, you think God would give him courage or opportunities to be courageous?

so, right now i'm feeling like i'm gonna flunk my English and this prospect is frustrating and depressing. but few days ago, i prayed that God would stretch my faith! i want more! so i guess the faith comes when we trust in God in such situations!!! yeah!!! i mean, if i fail then too bad la!! and it makes no diff even when i pass coz God's still good!!!


anyway, i'm really very encouraged. you know it's not everyday that you find people who'll appreciate you. few who would articulate their thanks. and i really thank God for debra coz she's so encouraging.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


i went to Adelphi[correct spelling, i think!!!!] t study with nat, yuting and shawn. and I BROUGHT MY GUITAR WITH ME. aiya don't ask me whether the revision was productive or not. i'm gonna finish my chem syllabus soon and i enjoyed the mee siam there. and all 3 of them except me had kueh neng. AHH!!! :(

so, i went to shawn's house and ate durian with natnat. yeah we kinda had to pry open the durian on our own which was quite an experience and nat seemed to enjoy himself. at least more than me! and there was this durian which was so rotten inside, it stank like rotten eggs, no kidding AND NO EXAGGERATION. IT LOOKED LIKE SOME DISFIGURED DURIAN IF YOU GET WHAT I MEAN. LOL!!!!!

nat taught me a lot!! he taught me this song which goes something like "BAYBEH!!!! GIMME BACK MY...", Break Free intro, and two other songs and i wanna post the lyrics of one now.

Make a Difference by _____________[Dear artiste, fill in your name]

Would You Lord, take a look at our hands
Everything we have, use it for Your plans
Would you Lord, take a look at our hearts
Mold it, refine it as to set us apart

We want to run to the altar
To catch the fire
To stand in the gap between the living and the dead
Give us a heart of compassion
For a world without vision
We will make a difference
Bringing hope, to our land.

We will answer the call to build this church without walls
Let your glory be shown, bring salvation to the lost
To the lostttttttt...

aye. and this really goes along with this msg someone sent me:
May God bless you with enough foolishness to believe YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD.

HAHAHA! brudder RX is right. no point me in being good in guitar if i don't have God or character.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

quick update of service and some random stuff coz it's 12:35am and i'm tired!

yeah don't expect any lengthy essays here because my eyes are gonna close.

much thanks to wayne for doing icebreakers and for being so enthusiastic in serving God!! really awesome, how ideas can just come when you have joy in serving!!!! wayne obviously got some ideas and inspirations from God!!

btw. i saw joel JUMPED during p&w. you know usually he'll just stand there, cross his arms and maybe sulk a lil'. but he JUMPED. maybe he didn't wanna praise God coz it's too cramped. oh, speaking of cramped, wayne, carlos, joel and i had p&w behind everyone else! OH AND CARLOS CAME AS WELL! and we all really miss him loads!!!

oh btw! wayne and i kinda prepared for the worst that maybe 6 people may come for icebreakers. but so turns out that 10 came. woohoo!!!!

OH YEAH. God kinda answered yousheng's prayer. his class size is now 8. EIGHT. E-I-G-H-T. seriously. class can really be depressing with only two students attending, especially if you're the teacher. but anyways[yousheng's catchphrase], God increased numbers! like now, we have 3 people from Godchasers[with our O's graduate jzreel back] and 3 other people from Fervour[i think they're from Fervour. should be same cell as yousheng!]. and interestingly, they're all from China. amazing eh!!!

oh and sermon was really powerful!!! hahahaha i kinda expected Ps Song or someone else to preach but it turns out to be BRUDDER RX!!!!! i really like brudder RX a lot coz he's really funny. and so is his sermon!!! lol!!!!! but it was godly sermon. and on a serious note, it's telling all of us to live by character. which many of us, including yours truly, are lacking at times. and yours truly haven't been living with integrity. if i did, i wouldn't be making fun of my classmates, wouldn't have intentionally shoved[but i failed to] someone during a basketball match, wouldn't have done by homework during English lessons, wouldn't have judged and blah blah. but God is good!!!! God makes a way!!!! and God gives all of us chances!! God washes our sin away into His sea of forgetfulness!!! gone, period!!!!!

and we had praise and worship. few days back, God spoke to me and hinted to me to praise God by serving as guitarist this week. i've improved slightly by God's grace and mercy and haven't been serving as guitarist for a long time, i shall do so!! so i smsed cheryl asking if i can serve and she said "alright!" and she was really cheery about it. and i asked jianle to be the p&w leader!! btw. i really thank God for jianle coz he serves even when he's busy. he's got really good spirit to serve. so we practised.. and p&w was alright i guess!!!! but God used the whole p&w as an opportunity for His presence!!! and many of us whom are tired, weak, burnt out, stressed, discouraged are all strengthened because we were praying for one another and it's just so awesome!!!! up till now, i can still rmb lora's God's-presence-v-strong post and yeaaaahhhh!!!!! God's really awesome!!!! btw, there's this "mini trench" on my pinkie. looks cool!!! but i really enjoy the serving process because jianle's really accomodating to my mistakes[alot of them la, actually]!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

coursework B

... LEFT WITH CONCLUSION UNTIL COMPLETION. i'm bummed. i'm burnt out. aha! and i'm really down. but i saw lora's blog! she praised God! and i can do the same!!!! and that is exactly what i've been praying for!!!!

"God, help me love You more."

this is one good opportunity to love God!! <3<3<3 God sees hearts, God has place and space for every single bad decision i've made or weakness i have!!! :D :D :D :D

All my Praise by Selah: I will follow You through dark disasters and sing Hallelujah through the pain.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

tryin' out this muscle-strengthening thingy..

yeah there's this thick rod with this spring thingy in the middle that's such high resistance that it's so hard to bend it. HAHAHAHAHA. i think i'm quite bony. not complaining because i can squeeze on mrts and slide past aunties when they block passage ways in shopping centres.

anyway, school has been really alright. but i've been really forgetful about homework. and i either do it during lessons time[with a trace of guilt in he process] or during recess. i'm trying my best not to think so much about my O's and i just wanna try my best. i mean God sure has a purpose if i do fail or do well or pass. hahahaha!!! but God's really amazing because He's very faithful even when i'm faithless.

come to think of it, God IS a 24/7 God. i walk on a lonely road and God is there, near!!!

i'm really thankful that right now, it's so much easier to communicate with some people. like i try to listen and shut my trap more than to correct and rebuke and correct and rebuke.

anyway, i'm really excited because i'm serving as guitarist this sat!!! God's really good because i was doing my qt and i was reading this part about Hezekiah purifying the temple and having loads of people poised for worship. and indeed, they did. the trumpets and cymbals and other instruments all in dissonance!! i surmise that it's rackety but i reckon that God likes it! and God don't really care whether people sing out of tune or whether the singer has a bad throat or voice. God just loves it when people sing to Him!!! and i'm excited for this sat coz this week's p&w is gonna be a blast!!! i can envision it! freestyle worship with God being present!!!

i was in my shower contemplating the music issue. i really like playing guitar a lot[though sometimes it can get boring when you play the same thing repetitively]! and truth is i really enjoy practising some songs like Far Away by Nickelback and Hosanna[you don't need me to name the artiste..] and i wanna learn how to play Baby You're always mine by David Cook! learning how to play tabs is really cool! but i don't know if it's right for me to play and listen to this songs too often. coz i gotta listen to these songs repeatedly to get the beat so that i can play the tabs[i don't refer to songs like Hosanna]. but i don't know if it's right to compromise, i don't know if it's wise to listen and listen just to play!! and when i switched on the com, i realized[or probably God told me] that i don't need to listen and listen just to play! God can prolly remind or teach me or even make a way out for me without having to compromise! God is faithful after all!!

so, i'm still excited about learning coz i have lots to learn[like nat told me it's gonna be a long time before i can jam]. but God is good!!!! k i'm pumped up in hitting the books now. yeah!!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

heh, speakin' eternal!

God is truly fair and faithful.

i really enjoyed Nubian Gents and Feminine Fire yesterday!!! really REALLY AWESOME. like all their dance moves are just so cool[those in redbands are like so.. elastic? hahahahhaa but they v pro!]!!! and the sermon and altar call[if you call that one] was really apt, very timely. sometimes life and the devil can just hit you hard in the face and you end up feeling so lonely and frustrated but God is "truly fair and faithful."

and we had potluck at brenbren's house!!and i KNEW that brendan's house=swimming so i BROUGHT MY TRUNKS!!!! YEAAAHHHH!!! no scuba diving suits plx. HAHHAHA!!! eh but it's so difficult. i think i'm really lousy at swimming. brendan can swim like some fish[do you get my point?]. seriously! i tried to aqua jog and i thought i can overtake him and i did for a few seconds before he flew past me!!!!

btw. yuhong's mango pudding is..^$%(&)%^)(*&^_(*^%^&#$%^# reallt good. HAHAHAHA!!! NO JOKE!!!

i had great time with my cell. thank You God for this day!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

i need fabulousseee...

hello earthlings!!!!! i come in PEACEEE..

anyway, i'm really great. i'm eating and rushing out a blogpost and.. i've finished eating.

btw i just wanna share one of my favourite places in singapore and that's..

THE MIRANA CAKE SHOP IN SIMEI!!!!! it's really old and i really like it coz i's just so quaint. it's like, if you need a cake or tart or brownies or waffles, MIRANA IS THE PLACE! to me, it's really the one of the backbones of the simei community. i love their mango cakes there because it ain't too sweet and it's dead fresh. and i spent alot of my childhood in simei and mirana's part of it because my mum will always buy back waffles, tarts or cakes back home. btw, part of the shop is rented out to this old lady who sells the waffles, whom is replaced now by this unsmiling and aloof China woman. ah. but i still like the owner of the shop[who's this short(i think it's coz i'm tall) and old auntie] coz she's so friendy. you know mirana's shop ain't as well-furbished as Bread Talk and the confectionary sold don't go the flow but it still has it's regular patronage! :D :D :D love it there!

"When he saw Peter and John about to enter, he asked them for money. 4Peter looked straight at him, as did John. Then Peter said, "Look at us!" 5So the man gave them his attention, expecting to get something from them.
6Then Peter said, "Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk." 7Taking him by the right hand, he helped him up, and instantly the man's feet and ankles became strong. 8He jumped to his feet and began to walk. Then he went with them into the temple courts, walking and jumping, and praising God. 9When all the people saw him walking and praising God, 10they recognized him as the same man who used to sit begging at the temple gate called Beautiful, and they were filled with wonder and amazement at what had happened to him. "

mmm i've been feeling really shrivelled up for te past few days. like i really want God's presence when i'm doing QT but sometimes.. it's either i'm too distracted or too dense or.. i don't wanna continue. anyway, this man, he wanted money and apparently, Peter and John had none[seriously i think it's hilarious if you show an empty wallet to a beggar begging for money and wink at him]. but Peter had something better. God had something better for him and that's healing!

it's like.. he wants money and he's just gonna continue begging. but God had a better plan and that's to heal him so that he can EARN(i think) btw. i'm sure Jesus' time was not primitive to the extent where the word "jobs" would make you weird. hahahahahaha!!

and i guess God has a better things for me. mmm.. maybe God will touch me during service? and i'll be so convicted or something that i'll do crazy stuff for God. i really don't know!

ahhh all the afternoon naps can really kill me and i don't know what's my problem, that i'll feel so dead after a one hour nap and i'll continue my DEEEEEP slumber. O's is in 3 months time!!! lol!!!
but i guess my future's decided in God and i praise God when i ace and i praise God when i flunk. amen? HAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! :D :P :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

the people i hang out with

i was watching the "BODEH WAVE" vid and i just got blogging pangs. so i wanna type something special for everyone that i can remember!!!

KZ: yeah, kz is really special coz his hair is really unique. and he looks really like this uncle of mine cept he's a slimmer version. and he lent me his guitar which i'm really grateful for. God's good eh!!!!! he's very encouraging and he always keeps me updated about my sis and it's really awesome to know sucha leader. woohoo!!!

ALI: yeah she's the fairest indian[note the italics] i've ever met. she has those big goldfish eyes which makes her really awesome. and she always hangs on to God even when she's in the doldrums man and she's strong, inside out. that's what i call "hiong!"

CHERYL: it's the way God made her and that's good coz she's a really caring and loving leader. i rmb calling her once while she was sleeping and she paid attention to what i was ranting about and she listened and i really thank God for that. and even better still! God speaks into my life through her and often, those are reality checks. a slappa in da face!!!!! btw, i always rmb her as someone who cannot finish up her food. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

BRENBREN: i really like him a lot because he's very nice. like i rmb he got us gummy bears during YI camp '06 and got us chocolate bars once. AND AND AND HE GETS US STUFFS WHEN HE GOES OVERSEAS. i rmb those starbusts and wine chocolates. he's really a blessing because he rmbs all of us. and i irritate him[in jest] a lot and he goes along with me. hahahaha!!!! he's got this blur blur face which makes him really funny!!!

WAYNE: he's really a gift from God because he's just so friendly. i've got this feeling that he seems very dao when i first met him but seriously, he ain't! he is easy to talk to and opens up very easily!!! and he reminds me of the first time when i came to church. and he is the one that accompanies me to Bible study or prayer meetings.

JIANLE: see, jianle comes to my mind when i think of wayne because the two of them are really analogous[this is a personal sentiment]. he's got a very deep voice!!!!!! i think he can impersonate God if he goes to mission trip coz of the skits[not that God has a deep voice.. AIYA I DON'T KNOW LA!] but he's encouraging and godly and very kaki kaki. he's a blessing.

JIEXIN: i rmb i used to sit buses with her until i started eating catering frequently and i'll always tell her jokes and act foolishly and it always keeps us chuckling[k maybe not all the time coz i ain't a professional comedian]. she's really an academic epitome and it motivates us to study and give our best for God in our school ministry. God's good by placing her in my and our life. btw she's v intellectual. good brains are gifts, i guess!!!

RACHEL: i remember those times we talk online. and i rmb those times she start sharing with me and me being really resolute coz i was so skeptical. but she always has this passion for lost souls and she continues to serve as birthday i/c which is really difficult but she never gives up. and she really likes to sleep!!!! typical eh!!!!

CARIN: hahahahaha she's really very tanned and man, she's a buff when it comes to sports and studies. i rmb her face lit up when she knew about the tuition ministry and she joined immediately. and she teaches maths!!!!! she's eally incredible because sometimes her students may be problematic but she gives her best and she never gives up. she's so into serving God that it wows everyone[and me]!!

PEIRONG: she's tough. on the court she's ready to kick butt. in spiritual wars, she thrashes the evil one. times are always tough but she holds on and keeps going. she has character and attitude!!! but she's like Barnabas; she's very encouraging. and it's a blessing to have her in my life. and i really enjoy playing ball games and taking photos with foolish poses.

REBEKAH: she's a really caring small group leader. like she prays for me when i call her and i start griping and she encourages me to keep going even when i feel like giving up. she led us during amazing race and she's awesome and she always takes into consideration her group members, whether they are tired blah blah.

HONGHONGS: i like playing ball with her! she earned the moniker "Lightning Girl" for good reasons. she has springy legs and great speed. she flies[no i'm exaggerating, LOL!]. she encourages me with verses. i rmb there was once i was so tired when playing bball when she shared with me the "God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever" verse. she's a great great friend and really a huge blessing. she's really sporting btw. she has this penchant to wave at bus drivers behind the bus she's riding. hahaha! i have great memories with her.

MARCUS: he's the man of the man. the thing is that he's really soft on the inside and he's encouraging. he shows real practical love like sending prayer smses and tagging encouraging words at people's blog. he's one of the kind, a lover of da people around him. he loves his friends and cellgroup and family. he's awesome!!!!

MC: you know, he actually have really good jokes in his arsenal. and he really reminds me of youzhao[seriously]. i rmb he used to be quite distant from people but he opens up now and he's willing to talk to newcomers. i rmb he talked to wayne when he first came. btw, i first met MC during this revision session thingy at church office and he DID NOT WANT TO TELL ME HIS SURNAME. LOL! he's a warrior of Christ inside.

LESTER: discipling others just ain't easy but he makes life easy for me. he always tells me about his day and shares with me his achievements and failures. he stands up for his faith and it's really encouraging. he's really good at guitar btw and he offers me good tips and websites!!!! but he's a really good testimony in school and i really thank God for him.

BESTIE: eh i tell you, my bestie is one high woman. she's always so hyped up for everything and she really show this Proverbs verse in her life[which i've a gut feeling, she doesn't know]: "A cheerful heart makes the face happy.." i rmb having this frown on my face last time and she always reminds me to grin and she's so cheerful. she has such unspeakable joy that it's contagious!!!!!!!

ESTEHR: eh she's a huge blessing. i rmb i first met her at BB inter and she was sitting on the circular seat beside the Buzz shop. and her legs bring her to great distances at such great speeds that even cheating against her won't work[experimented and guaranteed]. and she'a a great friend. she listens btw. she's slow to criticize and i always enjoy playing guitar with her. she's my solomon friend coz she offers great words of wisdom and i like playing ball with her too!!!! she's not only someone whom i can go crazy with, she's a great spirtual friend. WHO AM IIII....

NATNAT: LOL ZI ZEE REN EH!!!! he's my guitar sifu and a great spiriual friend coz i can share with him and he does the same and we can talk about loads of stuff. he's actually quite intellectual!!!! he's the first person that i met that lives in the East, along with youzhao, shawn and seeheng and xiaorong. he's always willing to teach me when i wanna learn. and we spent great fellowship at Hans. and eating ba ku teh. HAHAHA!!!! HE HAS REALLY GOOD JOKES TO TELL!!!! AND he can always give me the explaination for ss SEQ. "SILAT!"[inside joke!]

RAYHOE: he's very easy going and he's the only person from last year's batch that's still in tuition class so we spend time at beauty world eating lor mee or ba chor mee or char siew rice. i rmb that we both laughed and joked a lotat Idol Garden during mission trip. he's in scouts btw!! he does his homework too!!!! i talk to him a lot about school and work.

DEBRA: LOL SHE'S SOMEONE REALLY PASSIONATE AND HAS A HEART FOR EVERYONE IN HER LIFE. she loves her school friends and siblings in Christ and it makes me wanna show love to others too. AND AND AND she's really hyped up in MSN with all the caps and she's very very very encouraging!!!!!! what a blessing!!!

CALEB: he's the man that raises dynamics and he's got this really cheerful and goofy grin but he's an awesome brudder in Christ. like i rmb we played a lot during YI camp and he's the one that seems to suggest that we have fun at the soccer court :P he organizes outings and he's really awesome coz he gives his best in all the organizing and stuff. he can be Obama's secretary. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

XIONGDI: my xiongdi very kaki kaki one you know!!!! like she's willing to hold sermon discussions among the guys[when she's the only female] and she loves all of us!!! i always see her walking around with her hands at her back with her eyes darting everywhere. she's very encouraging and i rmb there was this once when she described her relationship with God and it made me all fired up for God coz God is just so real!!!

AHWEI: LOL SHE'S ACTUALLY A FEW YEARS OLDER THAN ME AND I'M TOWERING OVER HER. she has this really big big grin all the time to go with those big eyes[definitely a gift from God] and and she's so enjoyable to serve with during cafe because she gives people really nice nicknames!!!! like.. BUTCHER LIM. HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! her blog's really really encouraging because I SAW MY NAME ON ONE OF HER POSTS ONCE!!!!!!

okay that's all!!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


"While they were stoning him.. Then he fell on his knees and cried out, "Lord, do not hold this sin against them!"

now, ain't that powerful!!! but i guess it's really dismal when your own teachers start saying things like...

"what, yining is a Christian? then i'm better off not being one."

hahahahahaha!!! i was really upset that point in time. that said, my God still deserves praise and Paul delighted in his persecution coz when he's weak, he's strong. God reminded me of Paul at that moment of disbelief and anger.

you wonder why i was incredulous. it's because, honestly, i thought i was good testimony all along. i did my homework[though sometimes fail to], i come to school early, i don't skip classes and i study. but evidently sometimes people don't see it. i thought it's inequitable since the Christians in my class don't do homework. they come late to school. they this, they that. and i was illustrated as the vermin. words can sting.

but but but. God reminded me to delight. ain't there this saying where you become weaker as you become more comfortable but you grow tougher in tough times. God is awesome and glory goes to Him all. and i should bless this teacher of mine since that's what Jesus would have done.

whew! anyway, i'm starting to read TIME magazine. it ain't that bad but the segment on U.S politics left my mouth gaping[where they show laudation to Obama's campaign team and discuss about Clinton and her campaign team's gaffes and blunders]. they made no sense to me!!!!! lol!!!! but i really enjoy knowing more about current affairs. i don't like it when people say that i'm sua ku just coz i hit my textbooks often[which come to think of it, ain't true]. note the emphasis plx!!!!

anyway, i have this plans after O's:
4) find work if time permits
5) to be continued.
(the above is subjected to modifications and changes. like i can't play guitar all day long coz i can't play guitar, play basketball simultaneously 24/7. GET THE JOKE?! LOL!!!!!!]