Sunday, July 20, 2008


i went to Adelphi[correct spelling, i think!!!!] t study with nat, yuting and shawn. and I BROUGHT MY GUITAR WITH ME. aiya don't ask me whether the revision was productive or not. i'm gonna finish my chem syllabus soon and i enjoyed the mee siam there. and all 3 of them except me had kueh neng. AHH!!! :(

so, i went to shawn's house and ate durian with natnat. yeah we kinda had to pry open the durian on our own which was quite an experience and nat seemed to enjoy himself. at least more than me! and there was this durian which was so rotten inside, it stank like rotten eggs, no kidding AND NO EXAGGERATION. IT LOOKED LIKE SOME DISFIGURED DURIAN IF YOU GET WHAT I MEAN. LOL!!!!!

nat taught me a lot!! he taught me this song which goes something like "BAYBEH!!!! GIMME BACK MY...", Break Free intro, and two other songs and i wanna post the lyrics of one now.

Make a Difference by _____________[Dear artiste, fill in your name]

Would You Lord, take a look at our hands
Everything we have, use it for Your plans
Would you Lord, take a look at our hearts
Mold it, refine it as to set us apart

We want to run to the altar
To catch the fire
To stand in the gap between the living and the dead
Give us a heart of compassion
For a world without vision
We will make a difference
Bringing hope, to our land.

We will answer the call to build this church without walls
Let your glory be shown, bring salvation to the lost
To the lostttttttt...

aye. and this really goes along with this msg someone sent me:
May God bless you with enough foolishness to believe YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD.

HAHAHA! brudder RX is right. no point me in being good in guitar if i don't have God or character.

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