Friday, July 25, 2008

love love!!!

i'm feeling really random so i wanna write some things about myself so that you guys can know me more!!

1) so far, i think i have snapped 4 guitar strings. i think one belong to lester's guitar, one belonging to serena's guitar, one belonging to kenneth's guitar and.. my mum's ancient guitar.
2) i really enjoy pacing my house and counting the number of steps leading to the end. beats studying anyway!
3) i really like to put my leg on the table while i'm sitting down.
4) if i have flu in the middle of the night, my bolster or blanket becomes my tissue
5) i don't remember myself breaking any of my bones before. note, i said "don't remember."
6) i don't brush my teeth when i was young and sometimes up till now, i don't, occasionally.
7) i have no idea whether i'm more active at night or day.
8) i loved playing digivices when i was small. loved it!!!
9) i'm really a klutz. very VERY clumsy.
10) i'm also VERY disorganised. i am NOT exaggerating!!!
11) i always lose my stationery. always.
12) my previous handphone got confiscated twice in a row within a time span of 1 week.
13) i got bitten by a dog on my butt when i was 8. i remember the plasters. if you call them plasters.
14) i had a crush on this malay girl when i was 7 years old.
15) i liked listening to oldies last time by artistes, eg. bread, chicago and beatles
16) and then i proceeded on to heavy metal and emo music, eg. hawthorne heights and a7x
17) i like people piggy-back-ing me!!
18) i like doing science because it assuages stress for me.
19) i don't carry plastic bags with me when i bring my dog to poo last time
20) and in the end, there was this man who kinda blew his top even though my dog was just peeing and after that incident, i try to make it a point to bring plastic bags
21) one of my school blouse had marker lines drawn by my teacher because i tucked out my shirt. i don't mind showing it to people!
22) my first movie trip with someone that ain't family was when i was 14.
23) i joined drama club as a cca when i was in primary school for 2[not consecutive] years.
24) i wanted to join scouts when i was pri6 but my mum didn't want me to.
25) my first experiment with steak was.. last year if i ain't wrong. or was it the year before? or this year? aiya somewhere in between this 3 years!
26) i don't mind playing serenading other people provided that they don't call the cops.
27) i doubt i'll mind bUsking as well(see cheryl, bUsker not BASKER! HAHA!).
28) i think i prefer trunks than briefs as a swimming costume. same sentiments, anyone?
30) my wallet is i think.. a year and a half years old. or most probbie older.
31) my handphone ear piece is spoilt so i have to hear i from the speaker.
32) and i only started hanging out with friends when i was 15.
33) i only have 2 outdoor camps in my whole life, with the second being the most disastrous.
34) i liked chatting with internet friends. and meeting them up!

okay i can't think of anything else. hahahaha!!! :DDDD TMR'S GODAY. GOD-DAY. YEAAAAHH!!!!!! :D :D

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micbayy said...

okay. i can say i know you better now. (: