Thursday, July 17, 2008

coursework B

... LEFT WITH CONCLUSION UNTIL COMPLETION. i'm bummed. i'm burnt out. aha! and i'm really down. but i saw lora's blog! she praised God! and i can do the same!!!! and that is exactly what i've been praying for!!!!

"God, help me love You more."

this is one good opportunity to love God!! <3<3<3 God sees hearts, God has place and space for every single bad decision i've made or weakness i have!!! :D :D :D :D

All my Praise by Selah: I will follow You through dark disasters and sing Hallelujah through the pain.

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loraloraloraaa said...

I thank God for a friend like you, always so encouraging. And I believe that even as you are encouraging people, you probably will still need some encouragement too! You know, you are really a devoted and faithful christian, I believe that God has prepared a really huge place for you in Heaven! How cool is that?!! Oh wells, haha. You know, many times we said let God decide. But how many times are they truly what they mean it should be? And even as you wanna love God more,show Him how much you trust Him yea? Take care. =) see you around in church! And maybe you should get a tagboard! =)I will tag frequently. I promise!!