Tuesday, July 22, 2008

God in Evan Almighty: if someone were to pray for courage, you think God would give him courage or opportunities to be courageous?

so, right now i'm feeling like i'm gonna flunk my English and this prospect is frustrating and depressing. but few days ago, i prayed that God would stretch my faith! i want more! so i guess the faith comes when we trust in God in such situations!!! yeah!!! i mean, if i fail then too bad la!! and it makes no diff even when i pass coz God's still good!!!


anyway, i'm really very encouraged. you know it's not everyday that you find people who'll appreciate you. few who would articulate their thanks. and i really thank God for debra coz she's so encouraging.


debs said...

Thank you Yining! Now i really thank God for you too! :D You've been awesome brother in Christ! never fails to post up so encouraging post! :D recently your post have encouraged me, and you know it's REALLY encouraging! You pray for faith being streched. I know it'll happened. God will, WAIT AND SEE! God will help you. Rely on Him totally! :D

weiwei said...

haha, the answer to your post title is, BOTH. God is limitless, who are we to determine what He CAN give? HELLO.

Yining said...

yeah you're right!!! God is limitless!!!! :D :D :D