Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i am moving.



Thursday, October 23, 2008


seriously arh. if ya can guess, no prizes given.

hey estehr. does this look familiar?

i haven't posted pics for a VERY long time. :D :D

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

english paper update


the essay question was a God given question. why? because i did an essay exactly the same question. what question? ONE WORD ESSAY LA!!!! yeah!!! THE SAME ONE WORD ESSAY WHICH I SCORED 20/30 FOR CAME OUT. Papa is very faithful, very. and ya know what, this ain't the first time something like this happened. the same thing happened for my prelims and midyears. except this time came like a huge wave. HAHAHAHA IF YA GET WHAT I MEAN. section two was quite alright. i bluffed a lot. as in seriously. i said city hall was near botanical gardens and the orchid garden in the botanical gardens is newly built. paper two was quite tricky. made me think and ponder a lot. but i think it was do-able. quite alright!!!!

hahahaha!!!! i'm very happy!!!! if you wanna ask for my handwriting, i think it's legible[though not beautiful]. i cancelled like crazy though. i cancel cancel cancel. and my whole paper was nearly 2 pages long because i cancelled one para after another. HAHAHAHA!!!!

k. i'm gonna sleep though the night and start studying tmr!!!! :D :D :D

Monday, October 20, 2008

quick update to show that i'm well, living.

hello all.

my chem paper was quite alright. gotta say though, didn't quite turn out the way i expect it to be. HAHAHAHA!!!! but it was alright!!! anyway, it's 12:30am and i'm supposed to be asleep. then again, i realized what sleep can really do. lacking of sleep=not energetic. :(

k tmr's english paper. plx plx pray for my handwriting. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! :D

Sunday, October 19, 2008

ming tian shi beginning of o level!!

yeah!!!! hahaha i'm excited.

i can feel that it's gonna be over quickly!!!!!!!! pray for me plx!!!!! :D :D :D

Thursday, October 16, 2008

history likes to repeat itself, especially when i talk about it only yesterday

i was just groping my butt when i realized that the cloth seemed a lil' rough and frayed and my fingers.. somehow could go through.

aahhh!!!!!! there's a hole at my pants!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

sheeps are dumb

true ya know. sheeps are dumb. and i'm like one.

ya wanna know how weak i am? i've got so many weaknesses, flaws that it would take a long time to count them all.

i' m very rebellious. very. i always like to bend rules. and usually when i do so, i would regret a million times i have never done that. and the guilt cycle comes again.
i'm very proud. ya know.. i always think i'm such a big deal. i always think that i'm best, i'm good and i don't really like it when people correct me.
i'm lustful. okay ya don't need the details.
I'M JUDGEMENTAL. HAHAHAHA. THAT'S ONE OF THE KILLERS MAN. i judge people based on their looks, capabilities when i myself.. ah. have no right to do so. and i t makes me a hypocrite as well.
i'm very very very insensitive. i don't really care alot about what others feel when i talk or do something. and i hurt or offend others usually.
and i'm someone with loads of jealous and envy.
and and and i'm very inconsistent as well. i don't show love to people i find unlovable.

aiya! lots arh!!!!!! hahahahaha!!!!! but ya know, David probably said "The Lord is my Shepherd" with pride coz he is indeed God's sheep. and true eh.

this few days have been very tough. man!!!! hahahaha!!!!!