Saturday, January 12, 2008

sharing the Word of God

honesty is always the best policy and i'm sure everyone loves it. i have a confession to make.

i-really X100-hate-sharing-with-my-classmates.

i'm so afraid to fail, so afraid i'll be rejected, so afraid of this, so afraid of that, so afraid my hair will fall off.. and i'm very afraid of being disappointed. yeah. i'm a biggie coward who doesn't dares to step out of my comfort zone and share my hope with people.

God revealed to me that my classmates are all broken inside as well, or at least once broken, like mine. maybe confidence crushed by people, discrimination against them, or maybe simply just lost, not knowing what's right and wrong, not knowing love.

i don't hang around much my classmates because of their worldly practices. but i was once like them. i like one of the testimonies Ps. Daniel shared: even if the whole of England is covered in glass, i'll still go and make sure that there will at least be one person who will be saved.

it made me see my classmates in God's perspective.

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debs ; said...

Hello Yining! nice post! (: