Wednesday, January 23, 2008

school-changers, arise!!

changing your school, claim your school for Jesus! i think that sure makes a good change as compared to just sitting in lessons listening to your teachers' monotonous drone. i just dreaded school last time and even now, there're occasions when i just can't help but sigh whenever the homework load piles up or tests just snowball in one single week itself. and the you-must-wake-up-at-6am-every-morning thought everyday is just so dismal.

but the exciting thing is that this is my last year! i wanna leave an impact! i wanna leave a legacy behind! i want people to know me as a God-fanatic! a Jesus-freak! or whatever you call that!

so i shall come up with something on Valentine's Day. i won't be mentioning my plans here because that'll ruin the fun. it's quite subtle though yet i'm sure the small seeds will be planted! i really hope it meets my teachers' approval! and when you start doing God's work and start fishing in people to join you, you not only get to know one another better, people will start opening up to you!

the last day of ignite was intense and even uncomfortable for me. man, people are willing to lay down their lives for Jesus. i don't even know if i'm willing to declare and stand up for my faith if someone points a gun at me, like what the martyrs did. it's the martyrs that make Christianity shine out. dying for Jesus is the perfect reason why we live for him. now this is radicalove!!

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