Friday, January 18, 2008

Ignite Conference '08: Jesus and unexpected people

here i am!

indescribable service! till now, what Ps. Joakim said really echoes in my head!

"a step of faith unlocks God's power."

the testimonies were so powerful and they rendered me flabbergasted. maybe i didn't dared to allow God to use me as a vessel because i just think i can't do it. typical right! haha! but that's true! the slimy voice in my head telling me "you're gonna mess it up again, like you always do! people will look at you as though you're some alien from planet Goofabus! the teachers won't allow it! you'll get scolded and punished and people will think you're some holy fanatic and snigger behind their backs! you'll hit the headlines in the school!"

i need to sink in the fact that the weaker you are, the better it is. the more incompetent you are, the more God will use you. like for me, i actually have no talents whatsoever. not kidding. i'm just an ordinary 16 year old wanting to end secondary education quick, go to a polytechnic and go Bible college and blah blah. no talents, low aspirations.

the world is screaming at your[and mine] to be perfect in everything. but God might even be whispering in your ear telling you "you don't need to be perfect. i can use you to stir a revival in your school, blah blah blah. as long as you want it and you take your step of faith."

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