Sunday, August 3, 2008


because it's 12:19AM!! just came back from F.O.P and seriously, hahahaha!!! worth it!!! so worth it!! i had real good fun k!! like i had a lot of nice shots flying over a dustbin[HONGS WHERE ARE THE PICS!!!!!!!!] and had good fun playing arcade basketball. we[estehr and i] lost dearly to the hongs team[hongs and jane]. ahh. but really!!! and i really enjoyed myself at F.O.P. it was good time of p&w!!!! and the sermon was really good, hahahah since it's SO APPLICABLE!! aiya i feeling very lazy to post what God spoke to me through sermon about. skip it k!!


kay. back to sermon yesterday. okay technically it's the day before. TELL YOU, IT WAS A BLAST. i really enjoyed the new structure because i get to stretch my legs out like some hawker. really shiok!!! but best of all, God really offered me awesome insights about girls and reminded me a lot of stuff. MEN of God, unite!!! hahahahaha!!!

a-MEN? yeah, amen!! note the emphasis. MEN.

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