Sunday, August 24, 2008

on the bus!!

nat, shawn, youzhao and i made some promises to each other. though it may sound stupid for some, gotta say that it's really awesome! i ain't gonna post what they promised! but here is mine!

"if it's God's will and i become a youth pastor, i'll buy you all drinks!!!"

HAHAHAHA!!!!! i guess i can't make promises like splitting up money if i win 4D[like what nat said] because i may just hide all the dough and not share. NO KIDDING. HAHAHAHA I PRAY GOD GIVE ME A HEART TO SHARE.

anyway, i had a VERY good and productive time studying!!!! really awesome because i was doing chem. i must really say this. you'll enjoy studying if you enjoy the subject. don't enjoy the subject, too bad la! just pray then!!!! hahaha!!!! i enjoyed spending time with junze, kidd, shawn, youzhao, grace, karyn and gracia. eh BTW i went for baptism today and sangeetha was baptized!!!! i was so excited for her, as though i myself was getting baptized!! but sangeetha sure is a warrior in Christ!!! oh i went for Bible study too!!! ps daniel talked about knowing your Bible and i gotta say that i DO-NOT know my Bible very well. :P


it's good to be set free. it's good to have deep friendships. it's good as compared to having illusionary infatuations. and God sure is good and gracious!!!! tmr's chem paper!!!! i pray i'll have fun doing it!!!! :D :D :D

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