Monday, August 11, 2008


it feels like my home because i don't mind going around barefooted!!!! here's the usual routine:

1)jian le will usually come first with his guitar. and you know the equation. jianle+yining+guitar=play. HAHAHAHAHA. no la that's a lie. jian le don't need me to sing along with him. :( NO I'M KIDDING AS WELL. HAHAHAHA.
2)then other people will trot inside.
3)and i'll ask them what's the password from the inside.
4)so the password is that they gotta say something nice about me!
5)then we start studying, starting out productively
6)then after an hour or two, i start losing concentration and we either talk lots of rubbish or play guitar!!!
7)then in the afternoon, we'll go beauty world eat! yesterday was that teochew mui thingy!!!!
8)the whole cycle repeats itself

anyway, i have fun picking apples with zhonghua, seeing zhonghua running towards me with a flower windmill[and i'm holding a flower], playing guitar[ALI TAUGHT ME NEW STRUMMING METHOD AND MELLIMOO TAUGHT ME ENDLESSLY], talking about brendan's indian dancing moves and.. studying. i also like the times i go back home with nat on 67 coz that's really fellowshipping time!! NO I DON'T ENJOY STUDYING. okay la i enjoy it when i do it with my friends. :D :D :D

i think i'll be going to prayer house everyday. i really enjoy it overthere!

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