Tuesday, August 19, 2008

what a way to enjoy life

eating durian and b&j(that strawberry cheesecake flavour thingy) before blogging!!! :D :D :D

i've been having a lot of fun in prayer house nowadays. mmm. sangeetha, qianyi and liyuan were helping me with my oral. OKAY NO LIYUAN WAS JUST THERE LAUGHING AT ME.

yining: how do you pronounce f-i-l-m?
sangeetha: *pronounced it correctly*
yining: is it fer-lerm?

and everyone burst into laughter!!! hahaha!!!

yining: fer-fer.. AIYA FARM?!

and everybody burst into laughter again!!!!!

and we had good time laughing at jokes. seriously man!!! so difficult to come up with a good joke!!! :( :( :( and sangeetha has so many of them!!!!! she's the joke machine!!!

okay i've got history exam and oral!!! and i pray that i'll be able to have fun talking to the examiner and doing my hist paper!!! seriously, i'm VERY unproductive today. but ah! pass, praise God. fail, praise God. A1, praise God. amen? :D :D


it is true. the times when you're lonely are really the times you can spend time with God. when God is most real, probably most approachable. sometimes my mind and heart drives me mad. but God's still very good. now i know God is in control, i have nothing to worry about tmr's exam. and i have nothing to be proud of. rmb yining!!! you ain't any big shot and you don't need to score straight A's or be the holiest person for God to love you!!!! now, that's a huge reminder i gotta remind myself!!!

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