Thursday, August 14, 2008

quick post

ytd when i was walking the bridge holding a plastic bag with a 1.5l bottled water inside, the plastic bag gave way and THE BOTTLE ROLLED DOWN THE BRIDGE AND FELL 4 STORIES HIGH. and THANK GOD there was no one below if not my next destination will be Changi Prison and not poly. HAHAHAHAHA. and amazingly(like what liyuan kept harping on), it DID NOT RUPTURE. the bottle was not really unscathed though. had a couple of scratches and a bent tip.

things to thank God for!

1) zhonghua who sent me a prayer sms. it's awesome when someone prays for you.
2) God's grace because this week was tough. very.
3) the auntie who gave me more rice than usual when i went and eat cai fan!
4) OH YEAH. i came up with the FDEL for the ASEAN and deterrence chapter. how cool is that!!!!
5) my history test which i got a 33/50 for it!!! I never scored anything above 30 or hit 30 for that matter!!! i guess God's just so good!!! fyi, i ain't a virtuoso in combined humanities as well. i am truly someone undeserving.
6) i've learnt how to choose good apples now!!!! :D :D :D :D
7) i got to know more people, eg. gracia and spent time with people too, eg. jingwei!! :D :D :D

my history test marks really showed that it doesn't matter how badly i do because God is still good!!! fail or pass, just try my best la!!!

thank God for God's amazing love and forgiveness when i needed it, grace when i needed to extend it.

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