Thursday, June 5, 2008

logic does fail

life just doesn't make sense at times. shoot. it doesn't make sense for people to forgive after forgiving. it doesn't make sense for Jesus to die for the whole world. it doesn't make sense that God forgive me when i sin. it doesn't make sense that the good die young. it doesn't make sense.

yet when logic fails, there is truth. i always say "does this make sense?" i think i'm born a logical person! but logic is so not truth! logic isn't truth at all! it's 2 different things! God's love isn't logical, it's truth.

i sin, i sin, i sin. i thought R.C would keep me going but i crashed faster than i could scream. i give in to temptations more, i dwell on things that aren't godly, wrong motives, blah blah. this made up my whole week. but Jesus never condemns. Jesus keeps me going. Jesus holds on to me. Jesus never says that i'm not good enough to be revolutionary.

"it's alright. i still love you even when you sin. keep going."

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