Sunday, June 8, 2008

it's mornin' and da sun's beaaautiful!

nah, no sun at all! it's cloudeh and obscuring the sun rays. ah!

i was just walking around my house coz that's my favourite past time when i remember seeing this on someone's blog/msn nick. it says something like..

"everyone hurts but not everyone quits."

right now, i don't even want to pass call chains to this particular because i've this intention of just giving up on him. but i guess i just gotta hang on there and keep asking for God for more love. love afterall, covers a multitude of sin.

anyway, i'm gonna start hitting the books at nine. it's like what, 30 more minutes to that time? :p like what kz said: God deserves nothing less than our best. amen! :D

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