Monday, May 19, 2008

my soul longs for You

i PASSED english. i kinda topped the class. 56/100!!!! but nothing to be proud about coz i'll prolly be last in some really elite school.
i PASSED combined humanities. i was hoping that i would fail my ss at least by a mark[i passed history by 1 mark] if not i'll fail CH. and God gave me what i wanted. perfect 50! :D :D :D
i PASSED poa. i expected a distinction but a B3 ain't that bad!!! as in seriously.

i'm still waiting, still hoping. but it's really tough when you're expecting yourself to fail most of your subjects. i expected myself to fail english and combined humanities. i'm not kidding. nearly half of my prayer journal is filled with requests for peace coz it's frightening when it bugs me. but God's good, very very good. of course can do better lah! but God's good enough to give me a pass.

PS: 60% of my cohort failed English. i'm one of the 40% that passed. how not to thank God?

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