Sunday, May 11, 2008

:D :D :D :D

Estehr: You run on the road, breath in sulphur dioxide, breathe in nitrogen oxide, breathe in carbon monoxide, breathe in ozone, breathe in unburnt hydrcarbon, one week later get lung cancer!!!


anyway, i went to popular and spent nearly 40bucks on assessment books. all on english compre and vocab. come to think of it, i guess it SHOULD be worth it. no pain, no gain right? but ot only that. i spent 7 bucks on a rather thick notebook. what for? prayer journal. people are using prayer journals. must follow trend. nah. i just felt like getting one. okay la partly because of trend. but can be put to good use! God will bless that, amen? :D :D :D

i was writing my prayer journal.

"God, i feel like crying. God i cannot take it anymore. Very angry......... blah blah blah. Maybe You will make a way? But-"

i stopped at the "but." there's this thingy in me that's telling me that God is sovereign. God is sovereign. trust. gotta trust. i cancelled the "but."

i did my qt. and God had a lot to tell me. rejoice. c'mon, yining! thank God! and most importantly, BLESS those around you! c'mon, pray a prayer of blessing! don't just pray for growth and blah blah. bless bless bless! God is good.

i don't know how to continue from here.

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