Tuesday, May 6, 2008


i don't know why am i typing this post.

like any other people, i'm going through a memorizing-regurgitate period. must explain, must do this, must do that. if not how to do well arh! hahaha!!! i still remember that today's SS paper killed me. i slept at 1 30am[okay la not as bad as it sounds coz i know of people who slept at 3am] and i woke up feeling drowsy and wondering am i at wonderland.

i'm go to hans frequently nowadays. study and talk which the latter made up most of time spent there. ah. who? i go with nat, youzhao usually. i like the both of them. the most amazing thing is how i actually met nat.

the day of departure for mission trip, tanah merah mrt.
nat: oh, zi zee ren!!!!!

hahahahaha!!! it's not everyday where you have church mates who live near you. esp when church is miles away. i share a lot with nat. like my life, cell, studies, a lot. we talk about movies, history and biking[something youzhao and nat really like] and loads of other stuff.

eh eh. God's good and now i understand why He placed me in the east. isn't it true that everything has their reason?

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