Tuesday, March 18, 2008


there's this word that started with a letter "c" that has the same meaning as "debatable issues" yet i forgot what that word is. so i went to this person's blog[i remembered that this word was at the first post of the blog] and i was scrolling through when i came across this[sorry, i forgot what is it exactly]

failure is when you don't put in your best blah blah.. and you chiong your guts for God to see a smile on His face.

random right? because that's radicalove, pleasing to God.

PS: that word is "controversies." i've poor memory, sorry. :p

no matter how bad i feel about myself. how ashamed i am. how badly i mess up..

God never forsakes me. but why am i still so drained? i don't want to plunge myself in self-pity. i don't want to give up on God. i want to at least PRAY. and so i did. i read Scripture. i read books. i still feel tired.

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