Wednesday, March 19, 2008

God's my deepest love.

it's really all in the state of the mind. i struggled with my thoughts last time because i just think too much. who likes to stagnant spiritually? no one! applies for me too! but it's awesome when you know that nothing in this world can seperate you from the love of God. it's awesome when you sing a song when you're enjoying a hot shower. deepest love? God. deepest praise? to Jesus.

joy unspeakable and it won't go away, indeed! neither do i have to worry what tomorrow will bring. why bother? just sing! sing a praise song! get your hands on the guitar and just make music and worship! wow! God reminds me that some things have very simple solutions. it's just that we made it look so complicated and difficult.

i like to sing. i like guitar. my voice is awful. i'm not savvy with guitar as well. but who cares when blessing God's name is an awesome thing to do?

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