Monday, March 31, 2008

i'm on the anvil

i borrowed this book called "On the Anvil" and it's really about God moulding you and stuff. and what did i got out from this book?

circumstances are there to reveal your true nature!

and that is what happened to me. what i found out was that i'm more than a short-tempered person.

-always resorting to threats
-and God even reminded me that i'm someone who procrastinates the same way as he. if not even worse.

and you list it down yourself. the circumstance come, God's there to mould you based on what you are. never comfortable. i tell you, i need God's mercy but now i need to show the same mercy to others. others who're just so indescribable that shooting him won't be enough. i'm angry now. but God's very merciful. if i wanna forgive like a Jesus-freak and offer the same second chance that God offers, God's gonna make a way for me.

new wine after all can't be poured into old wineskins. i can't compromise God's truth. hahahaha!!!!

you know, God is an amazing God. i'm ready to forgive like a Jesus freak. oh yeah.

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