Saturday, March 8, 2008

the devil is a slimy creature

the devil had been bombarding me with thoughts i shouldn't think of and when i gave in to them, he would wag his finger and sneer "you call YOURSELF a CHILD OF GOD when you've DONE THAT?" how discouraging. the accusations from the evil one would have made lots of sense at that point of time. sometimes a sinful/selfish thought can just come in and i'll be horrified that i actually thought of something like that. hahahaha! the tempter and accuser has been using the same ol' tricks! but God's love is unconditional! God is love! God forgives those who confesses and renounces their sin! we are all saints who sin! isn't that awesome[maybe not for the "sin" part]!

everyday, my mind is like a spiritual battleground. and i'm tired too. i can never control my thoughts and the only thing i can do is to simply pray, resist, use Scripture. i can't STOP a thought from coming in[that's crazy] my mind.

confidence in God that He's approachable and He draws me to Him. that's what i need.

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