Monday, February 18, 2008

the story of the 17 year old boy

"he was, of course, as ordinary as anyone else. the only thing that made him different from others was that he's a child of God. yet unexpectedly, his life became overwhelmed by issues he struggles a lot with. he lost strength, he's afraid of what people think of him, he lived a life of shame and guilt. what he often picture in his mind was terrifying: people labelling him as a failure and throwing him judgemental glances. it might be just the devil throwing darts at his mind but it's just like this.

one day, he had enough. enough of living a life of a failure, living a life not worth living. after all, he IS a child of God! so he locked himself in his room and his eyes shot to the previous sermon book he had. he flipped to the page where the sermon was on "Dining at the King's table." it was an awesome sermon which he remember. he started reading and he could not help it but just cry. it's penetrating. it's still powerful as he's heard before. one of the verses on that page that shook him was Psalms 34:5. It said 'Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.' all he did was to read and cry. it was a cycle and it's painful. he then accepted what Jesus would have said if people label him a failure:


awesome story eh? because it's real. God ain't ashamed of us.

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