Wednesday, February 13, 2008

giving God control

from 2 classrooms to one level of classrooms to two levels of classrooms. that's the miracle God did.

we're supposed to paste the hearts on everybody's desks today but check out this giant hurdles.
obstacle no. 1: many people couldn't stay and help out
obstacle no. 2: some classrooms locked
obstacle no. 3: we must finish everything by 5pm when it's already 4:30PM.
obstacle no. 4: some people in classrooms; this must be done clandestine.
obstacle no. 5: one whole level of classrooms are locked and we can't enter[long story]

but guess what! our time limit increased till we just didn't have anymore hearts and time and manpower to paste! the people who stayed back were extremely faithful! and they were the people whom i expect not to be faithful! how incredible and unpredictable God is! we were literally running for our lives, back and forth getting hearts and pasting them. right now, i'm left with 2 levels of classrooms but i'm sure God'll make a way for me to paste them tomorrow morning! and i was actually dreading this day because the obstacles in front of me were just so discouraging and seemed impossible to overcome! but God made a way when there seemed to be no way! soawesomelah!

God was in control, still in control till now.

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