Tuesday, September 23, 2008


*at outram mrt*
zoe:it looks weird..
yining: you mean the train or the movie[i was just talking to her about money not enough 2]
zoe: the train.

and when we were onboard the train and i heard that guy in that same ol' voice saying "next station, tanjong pagar." i then finally realized it IS weird so i tried do some thinking and re-routing when i realized, to my huge horror and exasperation, WE WERE ON THE WRONG TRAIN!!!!!!!!! i don't know how does my mind works but my faculties told me that the train going to pasir ris goes to redhill BUT IT DOESN'T. AHH!!!!!!

it's amazing, how acute lil' kids can be. and she thinks the train is weird. i think i'm weird.

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