Thursday, April 24, 2008

You know

My sighings are never hidden from You. You know them all.
My anger is never hidden from You. You know them all.
When i'm upset, You know it all. You know why, You know how i feel.
When i'm feeling all dried up, You know why and You know how i feel
When i'm overwhelmed by guilt, You know it.
The times when I'm tired, You know it.
You know perfectly my heart desires.

my sighings are never hidden from God. i was just flipping through the Bible and the first flip got me the verse i've highlighted ages ago. "All my longings lie open before you, O Lord; my sighing is not hidden from you."

the times when i've lost, God knows it.
the times when i needed comfort, God knows it.

nothing is hidden. i can present myself bare in front of God. He knows it.

He knows i'm anxious. He knows i'm upset. He knows my faith is running low. He knows. He knows when i'm putting on a front and when i'm not. He knows. He knows i want to do well. He knows.

it's best that i know He knows.


i was reading the book called Facing the Giants by Max Lucardo and there's one one one part which reminds me of the times when i'm just tired. sick of everything. spiritually, mentally, physically. David allowed his men to rest at Brook Besor. and most amazingly, he respected their decision and they got their share of the reward in the end. and guess what max lucardo highlighted?

"it's okay to rest. Jesus will fight for you."

David, no wonder, is called a man after God's heart.

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