Tuesday, April 15, 2008

five senses

my five senses cannot determine God's existence.

i can't see God with my eyes.
i can't hear God with my ears.
i can't feel God with my hands.
i can't taste God with my tongue.
i can't smell God with my nose.

so God is sovereign. a sovereign God whom does things as He pleases, for our good. God is still a good God.

there're times when i just wanna scream and shout it out. i read this book and there's this story about this boy who's so pressured to do well that he just screamed and screamed and screamed in front of his youth pastor before the y.p hugged him, then he quietened down and wept silently. i pondered upon this story during poa lesson and i felt like weeping on the spot.

i'm not being pressured to do well in my studies, no. but God is soveriegn. if i were to just depend on my five senses, trying to live what God wants me to live, then i'm better off dead because it's frustrating. very. i can only be like mary, just spending time with God.

quiet time shouldn't just be hearing from God. it shouldn't. it should be so intimate. prayer shouldn't be the same. i have so much in my heart to pour out to God. so so much. but i didn't, till now.

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