Sunday, April 27, 2008


emotions. one of the most deadliest adversary anyone can face. or should i say the deadliest. it's a very lousy leader. very. all the best if you have no control over your emotions.

i was angry, i was frustrated. i sat down on the bed and buried my head into my knees. this couldn't work, that thing is spoilt. God, i'm angry. very. but i don't want to be. i lift up my anger to You. take it away.

but worse still, i had very vengeful thoughts. i envisioned myself yelling. it's all her fault. no then it suddenly struck me.

NO... she has NOTHING to do with it. she offered to help. she really did. the last person i should vent my anger(mentally) on was her.

no, my emotions swayed me. i wept. and a song floated in my mind. the song which talked so much about God and I.

"i love You endlessly."

"God, i love my mum a lot. and i love You a lot too."

when i'm done with my qt, i was composed. i switched on my computer.
it worked.
my handphone was charging.
the person was still awake.

Your love stretches so far O God. so far.

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