Sunday, October 5, 2008

if you guys are reading this..

okay. i'll say something about these 2 people.

cheryl: i had a sms from this friend of mine whom told me about his probs in cell, his leader being short-tempered and stuff. and it took me a long time before i realized that my own cell leader is loving and she never judges us. she loves us for who we are and she corrects us with love, hoping we will change, whenever we do something wrong. the thing about cheryl is that she's like Jesus, loves us whether we're messed up or not. btw, she's patient. very.

rebekah: she's my smallgroup leader. what really hit me was how open and honest she is about her own weaknesses. it's difficult to be honest. many people want to give an impression that they're fine, decent, doing alright. but rebekah's truthful and humble. that's something impressive.

so guys, if you are reading this, please know that i salute you two, in Jesus' name!


hahaha, today was a great day!!! i studied at church, then at buddy hoagies[I SAW CHERYL AND KONKON], then at church office. i've a bad feeling i go to buddyhoagies to study just so that i can drink bubble tea and study at the same time[fyi, i got kiwi milk tea]. and the worst thing is? i didn't know you can upsize your bubbletea until kidkid told me. and so i did. btw, i think i wanna try out all the flavours. hahaha gonna be exciting!!! and and today, anthony taught me how to play that ji ba ban song. k la, it's difficult coz there's this chord that needs me to stretch my fingers a lot. but still, it's a fun song to play!!!! i told khee bay that we can play guitar everyday and true, i'll practise guitar, esp scales, after o's!!!!!! i drank 3 cups of different beverages at church office. so convenient to have a hot water dispenser and loads of instant drinks, eg. milo, latte[argh, it was very creamy. i told anthony and kid i think i'll laosai after drinking it], milk tea etc etc. there was even this tin of swedish berries tealeaves which i was tempted to experiment with but i was afraid i'll swallow the dregs and i can't take the taste, j.i.c it's too strong.

to kidkid: thank you for walking me to the bus stop whenever you can. if you're reading this, please know that i feel very loved and i thank God for you.

ps: j.i.c= just in case


Cheryl said...


I thank God for you too because you encourage me a lot just by being yourself! And I love how you are excited about Jesus and the things of God.

Thank you for loving us and loving the people around you. Your excitement is contagious! :D

All the best for O's! You're MORE than a conqueror (:

kidd said...

heys! i dropped by. finally!!! hahas. sorry didnt remember to drop by the last few times i got online. hehex. am encouraged by ur spontaneity. it's really uniquely you! hahas. continue to keep the fire burning and meanwhile dun burn out for O's. jiayous! ^^